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Зимняя рыбалка

Fishing in Kareliya - Location!

We offer fishing in Kareliya, on Pyaozero Lake, in Louhskiy district. It is the northernmost part of Kareliya. Great number of lakes and rivers is the characteristic of this area. There are thousands of them. And Pyaozero Lake is one of the largest.
Pyaozero Lake has the total area of 659 square kilometers. It is one of the best places for fishing in Kareliya. It is a part of Kumskoye Reservoir. The lake has an irregular elongated shape. The long axis of the lake lies in the north-west south-east direction. It is quite deep, so it is particularly interesting for fishermen. Its average depth is 15.4 meters and the maximum depth is 49 meters. It has a ragged bottom relief. There is a multitude of big and small islands. The banks of the lake are really piqturesque. They are lined with colourful woods. There are also rocky shores. Some of them are high and abrupt, some are gentle, ironed by the prehistoric glacier, called "rams' foreheads" in Russian. Sometimes they intermingle with golden strips of sandy beaches and dark-brown patches of pitlands.
The transparent blue waters of Pyaozero Lake are home to brown trout, which can weigh up to 10-12 kilograms. There are also char, cisco, lake trout, grayling, perch and northern pike. The latter can reach the weight of 20 kg. Fishing in Kareliya is unforgettable experience and nobody leaves it without a decent catch.
It happened that Pyaozero Lake and the nearby area lie far from populated places. It was closed for visitors as a border zone till the very recent times. There was no any industrial enterprise in the past and there won't be any in the foreseeable future. All these factors make Kareliya a wonderful place for hunting, fishing and just relaxing far away from the civilization.

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