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Летняя рыбалка в Карелии
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Зимняя рыбалка

Fishing in Kareliya - How to get there

For those who go to Pyaozero Lake or to Topoozero Lake, Louhskiy district, Northern Kareliya, by car:

You can go from Moscow either on Leningradskoye or Yaroslavskoye highway. The distance to Sofporog village is approximately 1600 kilometers. The way on Yaroslavskoye highway is only 60 kilometers longer but it doesn't actually make any difference because the traffic on Leningradskoye highway is heavier.

On Leningradskoye highway take Route E95 M10 from Moscow. Pass Tver, Torzhok, Vishniy Volochek, Valday, Krestsy. Then go right after Pervomayskoye village in the direction of Chudovo and go round Velikiy Novgorod. Then pass Kirishi, Volhov, Syasstroy, Novaya Ladoga, Lodeynoye Polye, Olonets, Petrzavodsk, Medvezhyegorsk, Belomorsk, Kem, and, finally, Louhi. When you reach Louhi (the 1008th km), turn left near the traffic police station in the direction of Pyaozerskiy village. After 90 kilometers (according to the roadside kilometer posts) you will reach Sofporog village. When you enter the village, take the road that goes left and down. It turns farther left and willlead you to the Sofyanga river. Our motorboat with a number P2055ШУ on its board will be waiting for you there.

On Leningradskiy highway between Moskow and Krestsi there are places with reversive traffic. There are numerous heavy trucks, patches of roadwork and traffic police inspectors. From Krestsi to Syasstroy there are potholes, but it still takes less time then going via St.Petersburd, because you escape the highway 100 kilometers before St.Pete and take St.Pete- Petrozavodsk highway 100 km after St.Pete, avoiding heavy traffic in the city. Between St.Pete and Petrozavodsk there are heavy trucks again, shuttling to and fro. But after Petrozavodsk there are much fewer cars. The final stretch starts. Only 650 kilometers are left to Sofporog village. In comparison to the last year M18 highway St.Pete-Murmansk has become much better. It has been repaired and driving on it gives you a real pleasure. After Medvezhyegorsk cars start to disappear. The highway looks deserted. Elks run across the road. Here you can see gas stations less and less frequent-only at the turns to large settlements: Segezha, Belomorsk, Kem, Louhi. The last stretch of 200 kelometers hasn't been repaired yet, so be careful, you can get into a pothole. After the turn from the highway to Pyaozerskiy village the first 50 kilometers the road is quite decent asphalt one, but the rest of the way, another 50 kilometers, is the mixture of bad macadam and even worse asphalt.

On Yaroslavskoye highway you go via Rostov, Yaroslavl, Vologda, Vitegra, Pudozh, Medvezhyegorsk, Belomorsk, Kem, Louhi.

In comparison to Leningradskoye highway, Yaroslavskoye highway seems calm because there is no such an incredible number of heavy trucks on it. You can also circumvent big cities via bypass roads. The quality of the road surface is pretty decent. But approaching Vitegra, you'll find that asphalt disappears abruptly, giving way to bad macadam. Going from Vitegra, you can bypass Onezhskoye Lake fro the left side. But bear in mind that in Voznesenye village there is no bridge across the Svir river. There is a ferry, that goes according to the schedule. The road from Vitegra to Medvezhyegorsk isn't really good. On Leaving Medvezhyegorsk you can be surprised to see that asphalt ends as soon as you drive out of the town. But it is not for long. Gas station on this stretch of the highway after Vologda are also scares, sometimes they are as far as 150 kilometers from each other.

By the way, car parking in Sofporog village costs
150 RUR a day.

Have a nice trip!

We hope that these tips will be helpful :)

For those who travels to Pyaozero or Topozero,Louhi district, Northern Kareliya, by train.
Go to Louhi railway station by train with Oktyabryskaya Railways (from Leningradskiy railway station in Moscow and from Ladozhskiy railway station in St.Petersburg). The distance from Moscow to Louhi is 1650 km and from St.Pete to Louhi is 990 km.

Our representative will pick you up at the railway station in Louhi and bring you in a car or a jeep to the fishing tour starting point- Sovporog village. The distance from Louhi to Sovporog is 100 km.

Then a fishing launch will bring your across the lake to your lodge.
Fishing in Kareliya is waiting for you!!

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